Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Although the Museum is currently closed we are looking forward to a time when we can bring you exhibitions again. In the meantime though why not look back at some of the exhibitions we have done in recent years.

It takes time to choose items from the collection that can help to tell the story, to write the exhibition panels so that people of all ages can understand the story, and find pictures to go on the panels which help to illustrate the story.

All this work for an exhibition that will only go on display once so, if you just missed an exhibition you wanted to see, or if you’re studying that period of time or carrying out research, our past exhibitions can help.

Our past exhibitions include Chesterfield’s iconic landmark, the unique and unusual ‘Crooked Spire’ Church. This took over the whole Museum and included the history of the Church and its famous Spire, artworks featuring the Church and the Church in the news, with a Pathé newsreel and aerial views of the building.

‘Chesterfield on Tap’ explore the breweries and mineral water suppliers of Chesterfield while Chesterfield Menagerie looked at animals in the collection, including the last canary to work down Markham Colliery, Chesterfield races, pit ponies and how animal designs were used in Chesterfield’s potteries.

The History of the Market Hall looks at this Victorian building which had a complete facelift in 2013. The Romans uncovers Chesterfield’s beginnings as a Roman fort and Shops and Shopping looks at shops over the last 200 years and how shopping has changed over time.

Last updated on 20/11/2023