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Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles (taxis)

Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles (taxis)

Hackney carriage and private hire licensing policy

Review of licence fees 2021/2022

On the 25 November 2020, Chesterfield Borough Council determined that the fees charged in respect of the licensing of Hackney Carriages, Private Hire Vehicles, Operators and Drivers should be varied in accordance with proposed fees below.

If you have any comments these must be made in writing to:

Licensing Section
Environmental Services
Customer Service Centre
85 New Square
S40 1AH

Comments must be received by the Licensing Section no later than the 25 February 2021.

If no objections are made the proposed changes will come into effect on 1 April 2021.

Proposed fees - DBS Fees

DBS disclosure

  • current fee £27.00 plus DBS Fee (£44.00)
  • proposed fee £28.00 plus DBS Fee (£44.00) 

Proposed fees - Drivers licences/badge 

First application

  • current fee £211.00
  • proposed fee £217.00 (including £68.00 initial application fee)

DVLA check

  • current fee £15.00
  • proposed fee £15.00


  • current fee £211.00
  • proposed fee £217.00 plus £15.00 DVLA check

Knowledge test / upgrade

  • current fee £50.00 / £30.00
  • proposed fee £52.00 / £31.00 plus £15.00 DVLA check

Replacement badge card

  • current fee £4.00
  • proposed fee £4.00*

Replacement card holder

  • current fee £4.00
  • proposed fee £4.00*


  • current fee £1.00
  • proposed fee £1.00*

Badge holder-dashcard

  • current fee £1.00
  • proposed fee £1.00*

Proposed fees - Vehicles 

First application - Private hire

  • current fee £150.00
  • proposed fee £155.00

First application - Hackney carriage

  • current fee £150.00**
  • proposed fee £155.00** plus £10.00 survey cost

First application - Executive hire

  • current fee £68.00
  • proposed fee £70.00

Renewal - Private hire

  • current fee £105.00
  • proposed fee £108.00

Renewal - Hackney Carriage

  • current fee £105.00**
  • proposed fee £108.00 plus £108 survey cost

Renewal - Executive hire

  • current fee £61.00
  • proposed fee £63.00

Replacement front plate

  • current fee £9.00
  • proposed fee £9.00

Replacement rear plate

  • current fee £11.00
  • proposed fee £11.00

Vehicle change

  • proposed fee £40.00

Vehicle details change

  • proposed fee £35.00

Transfer of licence

  • current fee £14.00
  • proposed fee £14.00

Change of details

  • current fee £14.00
  • proposed fee £14.00

Duplicate licences

  • current fee £1.00
  • proposed fee £1.00 

Proposed fees - Plate mounting kits, Pouches and ABO sign for vehicles

Flexi plate front

  • current fee £3.00
  • proposed fee £5.00*

Flexi plate rear

  • current fee £5.00
  • proposed fee £4.00*

Key/button set

  • current fee £2.00
  • proposed fee £2.00*

Extension brackets

  • current fee £8.00
  • proposed fee £4.00*

Q/L pouch

  • current fee £2.00
  • proposed fee £2.00*

Back rear bracket

  • current fee £7.00
  • proposed fee £7.00*

Back rear bracket kit

  • current fee £2.00
  • proposed fee £3.00*

2 X Q/L replacements

  • current fee £2.00
  • proposed fee £2.00*

Dash pouch

  • current fee £2.00
  • proposed fee £2.00*

Dash card

  • current fee £2.00
  • proposed fee £2.00*

ABO signs

  • current fee £5.00
  • proposed fee £5.00*

Security key

  • current fee £0.25
  • proposed fee £0.30*

High bond pad

  • current fee £2.00
  • proposed fee £2.00*

Proposed fees - Operators 

Core fee (plus cost per vehicle)

  • current fee £661.00
  • proposed fee £681.00

Cost per vehicle

  • current fee £29.00
  • proposed fee £30.00

Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Standards

On  21 July 2020, the government published their Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle standards’ and required all local authorities to consider the various recommendations made therein and publish their response.


If you have any comments on these proposals please reply to the licensing team at before 1 February 2021. Subject to any feedback received we are looking to implement the various measures from 1 April 2021, with the exception of the signage exemption which is with immediate effect.

A full copy of the standards document can be accessed here.

The council’s Appeals and Regulatory Committee considered a report on the standards document, and other matters, on Wednesday 25 November and resolved to implement the following amendments to the taxi and private hire licensing policy after a period of consultation.

The Standards Document
1) DBS – New requirements
a. Vehicle proprietor
A standard DBS is required from all vehicle proprietors, but a DBS is not required if the person in question is already a licensed driver with the council. The proprietor is normally the name on the vehicle licence and refers to the individual, limited company (together with its directors and secretary) or all members of a partnership.
A period of 6 months grace will be granted to give people time to comply.

b. Private hire dispatchers
Dispatchers at private hire operators must also obtain a standard DBS certificate and produce to their operator. The operator must certify to the council they have examined the certificate and are happy to continue employing the individual as a dispatcher. Again, a period of 6 months grace will be granted to comply.

2) Safeguarding training
All current drivers have received awareness training on safeguarding and new driers must do so before they are licensed, but we need to ensure that knowledge remains up to date. Licence holders will therefore be required to pass a simple test of their safeguarding knowledge before their licence can be renewed.

The council will conduct a separate consultation on the mandating of CCTV in licensed vehicles.

4) Notify the council
Requirements to notify the council of accidents, investigations or convictions will be harmonised to be ‘without delay and in any case within 24 hours’.

Other policy amendments
5) DVSA now class ‘failing to stop after an accident’ as a major traffic offence, this will be reflected in the policy.
6) In keeping with other convictions, a time limit of 10 years will be placed on two major traffic offences before referral to committee.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the taxi trade in Chesterfield, you can contact the licensing department direct on 01246 345230 or email

Hackney Carriage Private Hire Licensing Policy April 2021 PDF (PDF 697 KB)
Hackney Carriage and private hire licensing policy - 2020 policy amendments PDF (PDF 1.02 MB)
Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy as amended December 2019 PDF (PDF 552 KB)
Private hire and hackney carriage fees and charges 2019-2020 PDF (PDF 91 KB)
  • Taxi Consultative Committee (TCC).

    The TCC meets 4 times a year to discuss matters of concern, enforcement, licensing policy and procedures etc. with local representatives of the taxi trade about matters affecting taxi licensing or the taxi trade. 

    The TCC acts as a representative body for the whole hackney carriage and private hire trade, ensuring consultation with all licence holders to enable the council to make fully informed decisions. 

    Membership of the TCC consists of 3 elected borough councillors, 3 hackney carriage licence holders (drivers or owners) and 3 private hire vehicle licence holders (drivers, owners or operators). 

    Two of the six places allocated to members of the trade should, if applications are made, be filled by trade members who represent minority ethnic members of the trade (one from each of the hackney carriage and private hire sectors). 

    You can see details of the Taxi Consultative Committee meetings here

Last updated on 29 April 2021