Request a repair to your council home

Request a repair to your council home

If there is a problem with your council home you can ask us to fix it.

Find out about:

Requesting a repair

You can request a repair online at any time.

Report a repair online


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You can also report a repair: 

The repairs team is available:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday - 8.30am to 5pm
  • Wednesday - 10am to 5pm

When you report a repair please tell us:  

  • your name, full address and contact number in case need to contact you about your repair, if you provide a mobile number, we will text you a reminder on the day before your appointment 
  • as much information as you can about what is wrong, and where the problem is, this will help us to identify the right team to carry out the repair   
  • when we will be able to get in to do the work within the working week, or Saturday mornings for some smaller repairs 

As your landlord, we have the responsibility for replacing or repairing items that were part of your home when your tenancy started. Some repairs are the tenant's responsibility, and you may be charged if we carry out the repair for you

If your repair is urgent or an emergency please call us to report it

Out-of-hours service for emergency repairs

If you need an emergency repair, outside of normal working hours, you should contact the out-of-hours emergency repairs service on 01246 345041.

The emergency out of hours service is for repairs where there’s a risk to people’s health and wellbeing or likely to cause major damage to the property or personal belongings where preventive control measures are not possible by the tenant. 

Please only call the out of hours number for genuine emergencies as we are not able to deal with other repairs out of hours. 

Loss of heating or hot water is not classed as an emergency. If, however, either you or a member of the household is 'put at risk' by the loss of heating due to age or illness, please let the operator know and they will try to arrange the loan of a temporary heating supply. 

Our out-of-hours emergency service may attend and make safe only, unless the repair is minor, can be done safely in a short time and the operative has the parts to complete the repair. 

If you have already reported a repair during normal working hours, please do not contact the out of hours service unless the situation has changed and you require emergency repair assistance. 

You may be recharged for calling us out if it’s not an emergency and the repair is damage you have caused or is listed in the ‘responsibility for repairs’ section as something you are responsible for.  

Emergency repairs during working hours can be reported through the Repairs Team on freephone 0800 587 5659

When we visit your home

Repairs to your home are carried out by trained staff. All staff wear name badges and uniforms. 

When you report a repair, you can request the option of giving us a password for the operative to use when they visit your home. This allows you to verify that the operative is a genuine council employee. 

You should not allow anyone who states that they are representing the council into your home unless you can see their identification badge. 

Our employees reserve the right not to enter a home unless there is an adult present. 

Please keep any pets secure - make sure your pets are safely away in another room so that our operatives can get on with their work safely when they arrive. 

Please treat our staff and contractors with the same respect and courtesy as you'd expect from us. They have the right to work in a safe environment and will not tolerate behaviour which is abusive, offensive or threatening. 

Please do not smoke around the employee whilst they are in your home. If you do, the employee may ask you to stop and may decide to leave your property without completing the repair.

What to do in an emergency


If there’s a fire: 

  • dial 999 
  • contact Housing Repairs on freephone 0800 587 5659 (or 01246 345041 out-of-hours)


If there is a gas leak: 

  • open the doors and windows to get rid of the gas 
  • don’t turn any electrical switches on or off, and don’t let an electric doorbell ring (you can use the telephone to call the Gas Emergency Service) 
  • don’t smoke 
  • don’t use matches or naked flames 
  • ensure access can be gained to the property 

Check if a gas appliance (like a fire or cooker) has been left on unlit or if a pilot light has gone out. 

If it has, turn the appliance off. If this is not the case, there is probably a gas escape. DON’T PANIC.  

Turn the gas supply off at the meter and phone the Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.


If your electricity goes off completely: 

  • check if your neighbours’ homes are affected - if so call National Grid on 0800 6783 105
  • check whether the switch on the fuse board have tripped out or a fuse has blown - if it has tripped, there may be a problem with an appliance within your home; try and reset it
  • if the electricity repeatedly trips out phone the Repairs Team on freephone 0800 587 5659 (or 01246 345041 out-of-hours)


If there is a serious water leak: 

  • turn off the stop tap - this is usually under the kitchen sink (if not, it will be in the bathroom, hall or under the stairs)
  • phone the Repairs Team on freephone 0800 587 5659 (or 01246 345041 out-of-hours)

Tell us 

  • where the leak appears to be coming from  
  • is it near any electrical wiring or appliances - if so, turn off the electricity at the mains