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Local list of heritage assets

Local list of heritage assets

Chesterfield Borough Council is working with heritage stakeholders and local communities to develop a local list of heritage assets. The local list will be a locally developed register of non-designated heritage assets that are locally distinctive or have particular importance to the local community and deserve recognition.

A heritage asset may be a building, monument, site, place or landscape identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions. With regard to the criteria used by the Council to identify local heritage assets for inclusion on the list, guidance is contained in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Good Practice Guide for Local Heritage Listing published by English Heritage. A Local List of Heritage Assets will:

  • Provide clear, comprehensive and current information about non-designated heritage assets that exist within Chesterfield Borough.
  • Help to develop a better understanding of what local communities consider to be important in their local historic environments.
  • Celebrates the rich variety of features that gives Chesterfield Borough its unique qualities.

How will a Local List affect property owners:

  • Inclusion on the Local List provides no additional planning controls
  • Unless an asset is listed in the National Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural and Historic Interest or within a conservation area or a scheduled ancient monument, there is no control, under current legislation, over its demolition.
  • Inclusion of an asset on the Local List means that its conservation as a 'heritage asset' is an objective of the National Planning Policy Framework and Policy CS19 of the Chesterfield Local Plan: Core Strategy and a material consideration when determining planning applications.  

Latest consultation

After initial consultation with local heritage consultees and the wider community, an initial draft list of over 200 potential local heritage assets was prepared. The list has been assessed to clarify whether nominations put forward were consistent with Local Listing criteria and guidance (as set out in Historic England guidance). A second draft list is now being put forward to local consultees for further comments. Consultees may wish to make any new suggestions for buildings or sites to be included or to make comments on those buildings that have not been taken forward (with the emphasis on providing information and justification as to why they should be included). For more information please contact Scott Nicholas:

Draft Local List Of Heritage Assets Pdf (pdf 5.22 MB)
Local List Properties Not Carried Forward Pdf (pdf 49 KB)

Last updated on 15 November 2018