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Local list of heritage assets

Local list of heritage assets

Chesterfield Borough Council is working with key heritage stakeholders and communities within the borough to develop a local list of heritage assets. The local list will be a locally developed register of non-designated heritage assets that are locally distinctive or have particular importance to the local community and deserve recognition.

The local list was going to be developed as part of the Historic Environment Supplementary Planning Document, based upon national Planning Policy Statements and planning policies contained within the 2006 Chesterfield Borough Replacement Local Plan (RCBLP). Since the recent release of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the emerging Core Strategy, both of which place more emphasis on the need for a local list, the decision has been taken to focus on the production of the local list to support the policies within the NPPF and the emerging Core Strategy, rather than on the production of the Historic Environment SPD, which would have required an immediate update once the Core Strategy was adopted in a year’s time. The existing work carried out on the SPD will not be wasted and once the local list has been approved, the Historic Environment SPD will be refreshed and updated based upon polices of the NPPF and the "Adopted" Core Strategy next year.

A heritage asset may be a building, monument, site, place or landscape identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions. With regard to the criteria used by the council to identify local heritage assets for inclusion on the list, guidance is contained in the National Planning Policy Framework and the Good Practice Guide for Local Heritage Listing published by English Heritage.

The leaflet below provides guidance on the criteria and types on which local heritage assets will be identified, the process of their inclusion, their status and how they will be dealt with. The leaflet will also help members of the public to identify the heritage assets that may be nominated for inclusion on the local list.

Developing a Local List of Heritage Assets (pdf 370 KB)
Local List Nomination Form (pdf 72 KB)
English Heritage Guidance (pdf 1.29 MB)

Last updated on 17 February 2016