Information about local searches

Information about local searches

Local land charges

A charge that is enforceable against any subsequent owner of the land affected is known as a local land charge (LLC). An originating authority notifies the Land Charges Service when to register a local land charge. Originating authorities include the Highways Agency, English Heritage, Environmental Agencies, Water Authorities, Local Authorities, etc.

We work to guidelines set out by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Charges that are registrable as LLCs include:

  • conditions imposed in a planning decision
  • conservation areas
  • enforcement notices
  • tree preservation orders
  • various legal agreements
  • financial charges (eg, for work carried in default, such as drainage repairs)
  • notices served under various Acts relating to Building, Environment, Highways, Housing, Planning and Water Authority


There are various different types of searches, as follows.

Standard search

Comprising two forms, an LLC1 and CON29R (2007). A fee is payable for this type of search. This type of search is a search of the LLC Register accompanied by a document CON29R (2007) standard enquiries of the local authority.

Payments for searches can be made by debit/credit card by calling our cashiers on 01246 345489, please quote departmental code 408 and income code 9150 0431. The cashiers will then issue you with a receipt that you can email, along with the search request to Alternatively searches can be sent in the post or via DX along with a cheque made payable to 'Chesterfield Borough Council'.

This is the most common type of search and the authority aims to return completed searches within ten working days. This time period is not statutory but the Audit Commission recommends this as an acceptable time. We are currently achieving 100% of standard searches returned within ten working days, with many being returned within eight working days.

There are five separate services involved in carrying out a standard search: Building Control, Planning, Environmental Health, Local Land Charges and the Highways Department at Derbyshire County Council.

Non-standard search

Each search request form, LLC1, CON29R (required) or CON29O (optional) is now a standalone document and can be submitted in any combination along with the correct fee.

The fee is calculated depending on the number of CON29O enquiries and/or additional enquiries:

Fee schedule

Search of Local Land Charge Register only

An LLC1 form is submitted by the applicant and completed by LLC officers and will include any entries relating to the items shown above. A statutory fee is payable for this search:

Fee schedule

Information to assist you in submitting your search

The following instructions may assist you when submitting local searches and will aid completion of your search.

  • location plans in duplicate are required with all searches
  • please include the correct postal address and post code on your search
  • please complete the CON29R/CON29O forms fully; information relating to additional side, back or abutting roads will only be answered if they are specified by name in Box C or referred to and highlighted on the submitted plan; if asking an additional enquiry please be specific (eg 'landfill site within 250 metres'), as it is not possible for an answer to be given to vague enquiries
  • plans submitted with a search enquiry should be an up-to-date extract from the Ordnance Survey, scale 1/1250, with the area to be searched outlined in red
  • your search reply will be for the area outlined in red only and will not include abutting properties/land. If you wish to know what is happening on an abutting property or other areas, please contact the Local Land Charges section
  • please ensure the reply address is the same on both the LLC1 and CON29 forms (eg, your DX and/or postal address); returns are usually sent to the address shown on the LLC1 form
  • if you would like the search results emailed to you, please supply your email address

Forms CON29R and CON29O are available under licence from the Law Society in paper and electronic format from legal stationers such as: Oyez Straker, Laserform, Peapod, LexisNexis and Shaw and Sons.

For further information, please email

Last updated on 09/11/2023