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Land Availability Assessment

Land Availability Assessment

We are currently undertaking a review of our land availability assessment (LAA).

The aim of the Land Availability Assessment (LAA) is to identify land that may be appropriate for development and assess the availability, suitability, and achievability of potential sites.

The LAA forms part of the evidence base for production of the council’s new local plan.  It has been informed by a ‘call for sites’ which was undertaken in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2016, by representations submitted in response to the draft Local Plan published for comment in January 2017, records of planning permissions granted, and the council's brownfield land register.

All of the sites identified through the LAA process are currently being assessed using a standardised methodology (see below), which was partly developed in partnership with neighbouring councils.

Some of the sites may then be taken forward into a draft local plan for the borough.

It is important to stress that the inclusion of a site in the land availability assessment does not mean that it will necessarily be allocated in future plans or be considered suitable for development.

LAA methodology

The LAA methodology is split into separate stages:

Overview (joint LAA North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw methodology)

Initial Assessment (Stages 1 and 2a) 

Detailed Assessment (Stage 2b)

The methodologies are available to download below:

Joint LAA North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw 2015 methodology (pdf 579 KB)
LAA initial site assessment criteria 2016 (stages 1 and 2a) (pdf 294 KB)
LAA detailed site assessment criteria 2016 (stage 2b) (pdf 370 KB)

Progress to date

The council has carried out the initial assessment (stages 1 and 2a) using land put forward in the most recent ‘call for sites’ and the results are shown below. A more detailed assessment (Stage 2b) will be carried out for the sites that have passed the criteria in the initial stage.

Work on this next stage has already begun on a limited basis to inform the new local plan. The limited filter applied for the draft local plan excludes sites from being shown as a proposed residential site allocation (unless they have an extant permission for residential development) where:

  • There is a preference by a land owner for a non-residential use eg employment use
  • There are existing or proposed protective local plan designations or allocations eg strategic gaps and green wedges, river and canal corridors, employment land, public open space.

Sites that are otherwise available and suitable for residential development but in an existing or proposed regeneration/mixed use area will not be shown individually on the draft proposals map.

The consultation policies map for the new local plan can be viewed on the New Local Plan page.

The full detailed LAA assessment (stage 2b), will be applied following the completion of the initial consultation on the draft local plan, as the consultation responses will make for a more robust land availability assessment leading up to finalisation of the local plan.

Map of all sites and results of the initial Land Availability Assessment

Results of initial LAA (stages 1 and 2a) December 2016 (pdf 326 KB)
LAA map results passed stages 1and 2a (pdf 72.93 MB)

The intention is for the land availability assessment to include a database that allows regular editing and updating when further information or evidence becomes available. 

If you have any questions about the land availability assessment, please contact


Last updated on 12 December 2018