Local Plan review

Local Plan review

We are legally required to review the Local Plan within five years of it being adopted, which will be July 2025 for our Local Plan. We need to check whether the policies have performed well, and whether any changes or new policies are needed to respond to new pressures, challenges faced by communities and government guidance.


How can I get involved?

There will be opportunities to get involved throughout the process:

  • 2022 to 2023 gathering evidence
  • 2023 consulting on issues and options
  • 2024 consulting on a draft plan

Please email local.plan@chesterfield.gov.uk with your name and address if you would like to receive email updates about the Local Plan.


Call for Sites

As part of the evidence gathering stage, we recently completed a Call for Sites.

The aim of this was to identify sites that have the potential to be developed for housing or employment but also to help find sites that could be used to enhance local biodiversity or other uses.

For more information about this please see Call for Sites.

Last updated on 23 May 2023