Residential design

The 'Successful Places' Residential Design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) came into effect when the Local Plan; Core Strategy was adopted in July 2013.

Finalist at the National Urban Design Awards

Successful Places has been recognised by our peers as a leading design guide, reaching the finals of the National Urban Design Awards. The guidance was one of four projects shortlisted from 12 submissions received in the Public Sector Awards Category.

Adoption statement

We have produced an adoption statement to accompany the SPD, setting out when the document was adopted and locations in the borough where it can be inspected.

Statement of Consultation

The Statement of Consultation details the consultation work undertaken during the preparation of the SPD and including how the comments received and issues raised in the representations were addressed in the final supplementary planning document.

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Successful Places Supplementary Planning Document PDF (PDF 16.24 MB)
Residential Design Supplementary Planning Document Adoption Statement PDF (PDF 29 KB)
Supplementary Planning Document Changes Log 2013-14 PDF (PDF 47 KB)
Town And Country Planning Supplementary Planning Document Statement of Consultation PDF (PDF 2.76 MB)


Last updated on 10/11/2023