Second Adult Rebate

You could get money off your Council Tax bill if you are over the State Pension age and have other adults* living with you.

'Second Adult Rebate' is based on the income of the other adults that live with you, and we will need to see proof of their income. It doesn't matter how much income and savings you have of your own.

*You can't claim it if you're married or have a partner, unless one or both of you are disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

A second adult must not:

  • pay rent to you
  • be jointly liable with you for the Council Tax
  • qualify for any other Council Tax discount

Usually a 'second adult' is friend or relative that lives with you, or a grown-up son or daughter who still lives at home. A lodger or tenant doesn't count.

Where there is more than one other adult in the property, the Second Adult Rebate amount is based on the combined income of all the 'second adults'.

Find out how to claim Second Adult Rebate.

If you are the only adult living in your property you could claim a single person discount.

Last updated on 15 March 2021