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Bank holiday collections

Bank holiday collections

On bank holidays we may change your usual bin collection day.

If your bin is normally emptied on a Monday we will usually come to empty it on the Saturday before a bank holiday Monday*. Other collections that week will usually stay the same, even on Good Friday.

  • Christmas and New Year

    Normal collection day Revised collection day
    Monday 23 December Saturday 21 December
    Tuesday 24 December Monday 23 December
    Wednesday 25 December    Tuesday 24 December
    Thursday 26 December Friday 27 December
    Friday 27 December Saturday 28 December      
    Monday 30 December No change
    Tuesday 31 December No change
    Wednesday 1 January Thursday 2 January
    Thursday 2 January Friday 3 January
    Friday 3 January Saturday 4 January

Full details of bank holiday collections are on the bin calendar we will put under your black bin lid, early in December, or you can check your bin collection dates here.

Find out how and when to put your bin out.


Last updated on 19 December 2019