Households with symptoms of coronavirus

If someone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus you need to take special care when disposing of your waste.

This includes households that are self-isolating because someone in the home:

  • has symptoms that could be coronavirus
  • has been in contact with someone that could have coronavirus
  • has recently returned from overseas 

Viruses can survive on surfaces and in tissues so we need to reduce the chance of the infection spreading.

Please ensure all personal waste, like used tissues and items used for cleaning like disposable cleaning cloths and gloves, are placed within plastic rubbish bags and tied.

These bags should then be placed within another bag and retied and set aside in a suitable and secure place for at least 72 hours before placing in your household waste bin.

If you use a communal shared bin, please ensure personal waste is double bagged as described above and is stored for 72 hours before being placed in the shared bin. Please do not put this waste in recycling bins.

You don’t need to take these precautions if you are only self-isolating because someone in your home is over 70 or has an underlying health condition.

Last updated on 01 April 2020