Coronavirus (COVID-19) - how it is affecting our services

Missed bins

We are trying to empty bins as normal during the coronavirus outbreak.

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    If there are no details below then we're not aware of any problems at the moment.

Current issues

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We have been unable to collect recycling in rural locations.

Please leave your recycling bins out or put them out by 7am, as they will be collected and emptied tomorrow morning (Saturday 6 June).

St Augustine's Crescent

The crew have continuted to return to St Augustine's Crescent to collect the recycling but hve been unable to access the street due to roadworks.

Why hasn't my bin been emptied?

Sometimes we might not be able to empty your bin at the usual time or on the usual day.

This can be for different reasons, such as bad weather, the bin lorry breaking down or an obstruction in the road.

Roadworks carried out by utility companies (gas, electricity, water etc) can affect whole streets for several days, and we will share details when we know about them in advance.

As soon as we know about a problem we will post details here on this page. We'll also let our customer service centre know and put out messages on social media.

Have we missed your street?

Sometimes we don't find out about a problem straight away, if your street has been affected but details are not already posted on this page please call our customer services team on 01246 345345.

When should your bin have been emptied?

Find out here.

Last updated on 30 March 2020