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Bulky waste collection

Bulky waste collection

We can collect large household items that you are unable to dispose of yourself. We call this 'bulky' household waste.

  • Before booking a collection, why not give your waste a new lease of life by donating it to charity, selling it or giving it away? Find out more.

Our bulky waste collection service can take away large items of free standing furniture, domestic appliances and other general household waste.

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What we take

  • Free standing furniture - including beds, mattresses, sofas, chairs, chests of drawers, wardrobes*
  • Garden furniture - benches, table, chairs, parasols, garden toys etc
  • Carpets - including rugs, mats and underlay
  • Large appliances - such as free standing washing machines, fridges/freezers, microwaves, cookers
  • Large electrical equipment - such as TVs, stereo systems, electric lawnmowers, strimmers. Smaller electrical items can be left out for collection on top of your blue bin.
  • Household items - we take most non-hazardous household waste, such as bric-a-brac, toys and soft furnishings.

This isn't a full list. Generally, if it's something you would be likely to take with you when you move home, we would probably be able to collect is as bulky waste.


What we don't take

  • Commercial sized/style fridges/freezers
  • Fitted furniture - such as wardrobes, kitchen units and built-in appliances, bathroom suites
  • Garden structures - sheds, fencing, greenhouses, gates
  • Car parts - we are unable to take any car parts, including car batteries and tyres
  • DIY and building waste - including rubble, timber, tiles, doors, plasterboard, guttering, insulation, radiators, pipework, soil
  • Hazardous waste - such as gas cylinders, oil/petrol/diesel, chemicals including cleaning products, pesticides, fertilizer etc, oil based and water based paint/stains/varnishes, fluorescent tubes, clinical waste and sharps
  • Asbestos - including asbestos insulation, sheets, guttering
  • Garden waste - this should be disposed of in your green wheelie bin; contact us if you don't have a green bin at your property
  • Panes of glass and large mirrors* - including windows, doors, windscreens

* for safety reasons we don't take large sheets of glass or mirror, including wardrobe doors from fitted furniture or free standing wardrobes etc. We will take glass/mirror that has been broken into smaller pieces and safely wrapped in a sealed box that is light enough to lift up and put into the refuse vehicle.


What it costs

New charges from 1 April 2019:

One item: £16
Two to five items: £24.30
Six to ten items: £32.10
Fridges and freezers: £16 per unit 

These charges are reduced by 20 per cent for residents that receive housing benefit or council tax support.

If you have more than ten items or the waste can't be quantified over the phone, we will arrange a visit and provide you with a price based on an hourly rate. Compared with hiring a skip for the waste, collections are good value for money.


Booking a collection

Call us on 01246 345734 to arrange a bulky waste collection.

You can pay over the phone by credit or debit card, or send a cheque or postal order through the post once you have made your booking.

You can also arrange a bulky waste collection at the Customer Service Centre where you can pay by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.

Sorry, we don't take bookings online - this is because we need to discuss the collection with you and receive your payment before booking your collection.

We aim to collect your bulky waste within 5 working days of receiving your cleared payment.


To ensure your collection goes smoothly please make sure your waste is:

  • Outside at ground level - we won't take waste from inside garages/sheds or from inside your property, even if you live in a block of flats. We will collect from rear gardens as long as there is clear access.
  • As close to the edge of your property as possible - but please don't block pavements and keep pedestrian/vehicle access clear. 
  • Accessible and visible - not behind locked gates, or obscured by other items or vehicles at your property.
  • Easy to carry - please cut carpet into rolls 3 feet wide or less; don't overfill bin liners and boxes as they may break while being carried; don't break up furniture unless we ask you to.

When you book your collection we will make a list of all the items to be collected. Please make sure that you tell us about everything that needs collecting as we won't take anything that is not on the list.


 Alternatives to bulky waste collections

Bulky waste collection is a great way to dispose of old or broken household items that can't be reused.

But many items can be reused or recycled, helping protect the environment and benefiting others.

Below are some other ways that you can dispose of your bulky items. 

Many local charities will be happy to take unwanted furniture, electricals, bric-a-brac and clothes, as well as toys, CDs, DVDs and sporting items that are in good condition.

Find out more here.

Try offering your unwanted items to friends and family who may be able to take them away for free.

Otherwise, there are ways to pass on usable items for free to other people online. Find out more here.

Buying and selling online is a popular way to get rid of your unwanted items.

Large items in particular will be collected by the buyer for free, and you might even make a bit of money out of it (most sites charge a fee for listing and/or selling your items).

Find out more here.

If you have a lot of bulky waste to dispose of it might be worth contacting house clearance companies for quotes.

House clearance companies will charge you for getting rid of your waste, so shop around for the best deal. They should work out a price by offsetting the cost for them to dispose of the worthless waste against what they can get for any saleable items.

Some charity shops offer full house clearance services as well as collecting individual items of furniture etc. 

Make sure you use a reputable company and that they give you a waste transfer note, otherwise if they dump any of your waste you could be prosecuted.

Find out more about your duty of care.

If you have the space, and someone that can fill it for you, it might be worth getting a skip.

Skips are the best way to get rid of items that we can't collect as bulky waste including DIY and building waste, as well as old, broken items that can't be reused, recycled or upcycled by anyone else.

Skip prices vary, and if you don't have space on your drive or garden for the skip you may need a skip permit from Derbyshire County Council

Make sure you use a reputable company and they give you a waste transfer note, otherwise if they dump your waste you could be prosecuted.

Find out more about your duty of care.

Scrap metal collectors are happy to take away your old and unwanted metal items such as domestic appliances*, radiators, old tools, bikes etc.

Many scrap metal collectors will drive around the streets looking for scrap metal to collect.

If you decide to let a scrap metal collector take away your metal waste, you are responsible for making sure it is done legally.

Don't leave your old scrap metal out on the road or pavement where it may be a hazard or cause an obstruction.

Make sure the collector has a valid scrap metal collector's licence and that they give you a waste transfer note, otherwise if they dump your waste you could be prosecuted.

Find out more about your duty of care.

* scrap collectors won't take fridges or freezers due to the special way they have to be recycled.

If you are able to transport your bulky waste you can take it to the household waste recycling centre at Stonegravels (sometimes call the tip, dump, or civic amenity site).

Derbyshire County Council are responsible for the household waste recycling centre, and there is no charge for taking most household waste there for it to be recycled or disposed of.

Find out more about its location, opening times and types of waste you can and can't take.



Last updated on 29 March 2019