Damaged or missing bins, caddies or recycling sacks

Damaged or missing bins, caddies or recycling sacks


Let us know if your wheelie bin, recycling caddy or recycling sack is lost or broken.

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Damaged wheelie bins

Tell us if your wheelie bin is damaged, such as:

  • the lid is missing, broken or a hinge pin has come out
  • the lip is damaged or a wheel has broken
  • the bin is split or has been damaged by fire

We will send someone out to repair it at your home.

If your bin can't be repaired on the spot the crew will leave you a replacement and take the broken one away. Damaged bins that can be repaired at the depot are put back into stock.

Report a broken bin here.

Damaged recycling caddies and hessian sacks

If your black recycling caddy is broken, or your hessian recycling sack is worn out, you can ask us for a replacement.

Our crew aim to deliver a new caddy or recycling sack to you within five working days.

Report a damaged caddy or recycling sack here.

Missing bins, recycling caddies and recycling sacks

Sometimes your bin, caddy or recycling sack might go astray on collection day. 

They often end up at a neighbour's house and will make their way back to you within a day or two. 

If yours has gone missing and you've not been able to find it nearby, please let us know - but leave it at least two working days before getting in touch to allow time for it to turn up.

Report a problem online

Contact us to report a damaged or missing wheelie bin, recycling caddy or recycling sack.

If you've already reported a problem to us you will need to wait five working days before reporting it again - this is to give the crew time to sort it out.

If the crew didn't leave you replacement black bags, paper sacks or clinical waste sacks please request new ones here.


Report a missing or damaged bin


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Last updated on 11/10/2023