Exchange your bins

Most homes have three standard sized 240 litre wheelie bins - black, green and blue.

Flats and bedsits often share communal bins - find out more here.

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Larger bins

Family-sized homes that have smaller 140 litre wheelie bins can ask to swap them to standard sized 240 litre bins instead.

If you already have standard sized wheelie bins we may be able to give you more room for your waste, depending on your family's circumstances.

Recycling (blue bin) - we are happy to provide an extra blue bin for households that are active recyclers.

General waste (black bin) - you can ask for a larger black bin for a period of time if you can't manage with your current wheelie bin. Our waste team will need to know the size of your household and why you need the extra space. 

Garden and food waste (green bin) - if you already have a standard sized wheelie bin we can't give you any extra bin capacity, but you can take your extra garden waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Ask for smaller bins

We prefer households to have the standard 240 litre wheelie bins.

Changing from sack collections to wheelie bins

If your waste is collected in sacks you can ask if it's possible to change to wheelie bins instead. 

Properties that are harder to reach aren't always suitable for wheelie bins - our waste team will decide whether you can change to wheelie bin collections and let you know.

How to apply

Contact our customer services team on 01246 345345 to ask about exchanging your waste sacks or wheelie bins. 

They will pass your enquiry to our waste team - they will consider your request and let you know what will happen.

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Last updated on 20 January 2023