Overdue bin delivery or repair

Let us know if we've not repaired your bin, or haven't delivered a new bin, recycling caddy or waste sacks.

You must have already:

  • reported a damaged bin
  • reported a missing bin, recycling caddy or waste sacks
  • ordered bins for a new property or conversion

Our contractor aims to carry out repairs and deliveries within five working days of your request. 

Please don't report a problem to us until five working days or more have passed since you contacted us.

Report a problem online

You won't be able to report a problem if it's less than five working days since you contacted us.

If you told us that you need a larger or smaller bin (or asked to swap from waste sacks to wheelie bins) our customer services team can give you an update - call them on 01246 345345.

Report a problem here

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Last updated on 12 August 2021