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Trade waste

Trade waste

Pay online hereChesterfield Borough Council offers a Commercial Waste Collection Service that collects and disposes of your unavoidable waste.

Select the link below to download and view our Commercial Waste Collection Booklet, which shows the types and sizes of bins available and explains the methods and frequency of collection. An officer will be happy to call and discuss your requirements. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

All waste and recycling generated by a business is regulated by law. You have a duty of care that includes ensuring that your waste is disposed of by a licensed waste carrier. Your business is subject to a number of waste related laws, which you should be aware of. For more information, visit

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes

A simple guide to find the correct SIC code for your business is available to download at the bottom of this page.

Wasted resources cost businesses across the UK billions of pounds every year. Check out the information provided below for ways to reduce all your waste.

Tips to help you reduce your business waste

  • Send e-mails rather than printed documents to save paper.
  • Remove your company name from junk mail lists – see
  • Purchase durable equipment.
  • Send furniture and equipment for reuse where possible.
  • Find out if another business can re-use your by products – see

It may be possible to recycle some of your waste. Check out the links below to see if you can find a company who will collect from you.

For general advice on resource efficiency, please see

For general advice on business waste issues, please visit:

For transport related issues, see and

Calculate your water footprint at

The Rippleffect is an online training programme to help businesses reduce their water costs and become more water efficient. This programme can help you understand how much water your business uses, ways to start saving and measuring the water and cost savings you have made.

Commercial Waste Service (pdf 165 KB)
Standard Industrial Classification Codes (pdf 40 KB)

Last updated on 16 October 2017