Apply for a premises licence

Apply for a premises licence

An application for a Premises Licence must be made to the relevant Licensing Authority, that is the authority within whose area the premises, or the major part of the premises, is situated.

To apply for a premises licence, the following will need to be supplied to the council:

  • a completed application form
  • an operating schedule
  • a plan of the premises in the prescribed form
  • if the application requests the authorisation to supply alcohol, a form containing the consent of the proposed designated premises supervisor (DPS) in the prescribed form
  • the application fee

The original application form, plan and appropriate fee must be submitted to Chesterfield Borough Council Licensing (Licensing Authority).

Responsible authorities

You must also give a copy of the application form and a copy of the accompanying documents to the responsible authorities on the same day that the application form is given to the council.

Advertising your application

You will need to advertise the application in the local press and display a notice at or on the premises. The notices are on blue paper and are provided by the Licensing section. Please contact 01246 345230.

Please see attached information for guidance as to how to apply and the application form.

Licensing Act 2013 Fees

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
New Premises Guidance PDF (PDF 263 KB)
Application for New Premises Licence Word (Word 79 KB)
DPS Consent Form Word (Word 40 KB)
Noise Management Plan Advisory Notes PDF (PDF 106 KB)
Noise Management Plan Factsheet PDF (PDF 289 KB)
Notification of interest Word (Word 127 KB)
Provisional statement application Word (Word 460 KB)
Food premises registration form PDF (PDF 273 KB)

Last updated on 06 April 2023