Personal licences

All premises licences authorising the supply of alcohol must have an identified personal licence holder, known as the designated premises supervisor.

When applying for a personal licence please complete the personal licence application, and personal licence disclosure of convictions.

More than one individual at the licensed premises may hold the personal licence, although it is not necessary for all staff to be licensed. All supplies of alcohol under a premises licence must be made by or under the authority of a personal licence holder.

The personal licence relates only to the supply of alcohol under a premises licence. An individual will not require a personal licence for other licensable activities, such as the provision of regulated entertainment or late night refreshment, or for the supply of alcohol under a club premises certificate or temporary event notice.

A personal licence does not authorise its holder to supply alcohol anywhere, but only from establishments with a premises licence authorising the supply of alcohol in accordance with the premises licence. An individual may hold only one personal licence at any one time.

Licensing Act 2003 Fees

Important information about renewing your personal licence

All personal licences granted will last for an indefinite period and no longer need to be renewed after ten years. The responsibility is still upon the personal licence holder to inform the council of any changes to the licence, such as change of address or convictions for a relevant offence.

Accredited personal licence qualification providers.

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Last updated on 14/11/2023