Accessible taxis for wheelchair users

We're making it easier for wheelchair users to use taxis and private hire vehicles in Chesterfield.

Drivers of wheelchair accessible hackney carriages (taxis) or private hire vehicles must now provide assistance to wheelchair users* and are not allowed to charge extra for a fare.   

Drivers must:

  • carry the passenger while in their wheelchair if they wish
  • carry the wheelchair if the passenger chooses to sit in a passenger seat
  • ensure the passenger is carried in safety and reasonable comfort 
  • give the passenger reasonable mobility assistance, such as:
    • helping them to get into or out of the vehicle
    • if the passenger chooses to remain in their wheelchair, helping them to get into and out of the vehicle while in their wheelchair
    • loading and unloading the passenger’s luggage
    • loading the wheelchair into or out of the vehicle if required

Full details of what is covered can be found on the website


Charges for carrying wheelchair users

Drivers mustn't make any extra charge for carrying or assisting a passenger with a wheelchair.

The meter should not be left running while helping the wheelchair user, or while the passenger gets into or out of the vehicle.



Drivers may be able to claim an exemption from these duties on medical grounds or because their physical condition makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for them to comply. If a driver has an exemption certificate they must display it in their vehicle.


The law regarding wheelchair accessible taxis and private hire vehicles

We've brought in these changes in accordance with sections 165 and 167 of the Equality Act 2010, which make it a criminal offence for drivers of designated taxi and private hire vehicles to refuse to carry passengers in wheelchairs, to fail to provide them with appropriate assistance, or to charge them extra. 

Find out more in our Hackney carriage and private hire vehicle licensing policy.


Finding wheelchair accessible taxis and private hire vehicles

Below is a list of vehicles that we have licensed as being wheelchair accessible: 

  • AK Taxis – SJ57 AVC – Fiat Scudo
  • Central Cars – SJ12 UXN – Mercedes Benz Vito
  • Chris’s Taxis – AV13 WVT – Citroen Dispatch
  • Chris’s Taxis – CBZ 175 – Volkswagen Caddy
  • Chris’s Taxis – PK61 XJX – Citroen Berlingo
  • Chris’s Taxis – P40 OGO – Volkswagen Caddy
  • Chris’s Taxis – SF10 LRA – Peugeot Partner
  • Chris’s Taxis – SF11 BEJ – Peugeot Partner
  • Chris’s Taxis – SF13 AOP – Peugeot Independence
  • Chris’s Taxis – SF60 HCU – Peugeot Partner
  • Chris’s Taxis – NK60 DLZ – Volkswagen Caddy
  • Door-2-Door – NK64 EBX – Volkswagen Caddy
  • Halo Taxis – SJ10 AJX – Peugeot Partner Teepee
  • PD’s Taxis – PN60 ZGA – Fiat Doblo
  • PD’s Taxis – HX10 HBJ – Volkswagen Caddy
  • PD’s Taxis – SF62 LFJ – Peugeot Expert
  • Shaw’s Taxis – SF11 KSU – Peugeot Expert
  • Veezu – SF61 FBZ – Peugeot Partner
  • Veezu – DX08 HKC – Fiat Scudo TW220
  • Veezu – SF61 EFN – Peugeot Partner
  • Veezu – SA58 ZBD – Peugeot E7
  • Veezu – LG58 PHV – Mercedes Vito
  • Veezu – BV16 YCR – Ford Tourneo
  • Veezu – T80 KHN – Mercedes Benz
  • Veezu – LX12 KXD – Toyota Prius
  • Veezu – SF62 LFL – Peugeot Partner
  • Veezu – SD63 FMJ – Peugeot Partner
  • Veezu – LX12 FVJ – Toyota Prius
  • Veezu – T6 XXT – Peugeot Partner
  • Veezu – BG12 RWJ – Ford Galaxy


How to register a wheelchair accessible taxi or private hire vehicle

Contact our licensing team on 01246 345230 or email if you want to register your taxi or private hire vehicle as being wheelchair accessible.           

Last updated on 18/01/2024