Local employment and supply chain opportunities

Local employment and supply chain opportunities

Chesterfield has a number of key development opportunities due to come to fruition during the next few years. To help make sure that investment in Chesterfield continues to happen Chesterfield Borough Council works proactively to maximise the opportunities resulting from this investment. Every major planning application is subject to a ‘local labour’ planning condition that requires developers to bring forward a skills and employment plan that sets out a strategy to promote employment, training and supply chain opportunities to local people and businesses.

Chesterfield Borough Council take a proactive approach to drive forward the regeneration projects and make sure that regeneration and future investment in Chesterfield continues to take place. ‘Local Labour’ activity seeks to maximise the opportunities available from this regeneration activity for Chesterfield communities by attracting businesses to the area and creating jobs for local residents.

We aim to:

  • help to create employment opportunities for local people in the construction and operation of the developments,
  • help to facilitate training of local people to enable them to apply for the jobs created and
  • enable local businesses to compete for contracts arising from the development

To find out more about the current and future regeneration sites in Chesterfield, please visit www.chesterfield.co.uk/developments

For more information, please contact Emily Williams in the Economic Development Team on 01246 959717 or email emily.williams@chesterfield.gov.uk.

Last updated on 22 October 2021