Corporation Street

Corporation Street

Corporation Street is a key gateway to the town centre when arriving from the train station – welcoming visitors and residents alike. Corporation Street provides a key pedestrian route from the station to the Parish Church and the town centre beyond.

We are considering options to adjust the balance of pedestrian and vehicle use to improve the environment for pedestrians, whilst balancing the need for vehicles to access the area. There are currently two options being explored:

Changing to a one-way street that permits essential access whilst reducing the road width and widening the pavements.

Corporation Street as a one way route with wider pavements

The image above shows:

1 - An improved crossing to the Parish Church

2 - Road narrowed to one way street

3 - Accessible parking and delivery bays

4 - Widened pavement 

5 - Feature planting and seating area leading to the bridge

6 - Delivery lay-by maintaining vehicular access to Station Lane and Mill Street

Closing a section of road between St Mary’s Gate and Station Street to all but essential vehicles. This would create a fully pedestrianised street that would meet the needs of the current uses of this street, whilst delivering an attractive welcome to Chesterfield. 

Corporation Street as a pedestrian only route with a small turning circle for vehicles

The image above shows:

1 - Drop off and delivery bay 

2 - A welcoming street including new feature paving, tree planting, seating and CCTV

3 - Access for emergency vehicles and access vehicles only

4 - Drop off and delivery bay with access to Station Lane and Mill Street

Please note that these designs are early-stage concepts that will need further work to fully resolve transport and highways aspects prior to implementation being possible.

Historic Stephenson Memorial Hall – home to the Pomegranate Theatre and Chesterfield Museum – dominates the Corporation Street skyline. It is being transformed as part of a £17m refurbishment, and improvements on Corporation Street will create a warm welcome for visitors.

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Last updated on 30 June 2022