Our vision for Chesterfield

Our vision for Chesterfield

Map of Chesterfield town centre

Our vision is to create an attractive, contemporary market town that celebrates our proud history and heritage.

We want Chesterfield to be a go-to destination where people shop and spend their leisure time. We will:

Celebrate identity and embrace heritage

We will celebrate the identity of Chesterfield by enhancing our historic market, and the setting of the Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints (Crooked Spire) and the town’s cultural / heritage attractions.

Introduce playful design elements

We will incorporate playful elements within the design to encourage children and adults alike to play and interact – adding new enjoyment to the town centre.

Frame landmark views

We will create clear views to better frame historic landmarks such as the Church of St Mary and All Saints and Chesterfield Market Hall.

Create more events space

We will re-imagine key public spaces to create a flexible town centre that can host a wide range of attractions like markets, festivals, events, cultural celebrations and community gatherings throughout the year.

Bring the town centre alive

We will create an attractive environment which encourages an outdoor ‘café culture’ to bring new life to the town centre.

Create more social space

We will create a new variety of seating, considerately placed, to suit all visitors and encourage people to dwell and relax in the town centre.

Improve signposting

We will enhance existing signage to create a town centre that is easy to navigate, with a focus on key attractions.

Enhance safety

We will use innovative design which contributes to a safe and secure town centre.

Create a greener town centre

We will plant more street trees and greenery to create an attractive environment, help mitigate the effects of climate change and increase town centre biodiversity.

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Last updated on 10/07/2024