Rykneld Square, Parish Church and connected streets

Rykneld Square, Parish Church and connected streets

We want to make better use of Rykneld Square as an open public space – to better connect the town centre and Crooked Spire and improve the feel and flow of this area.

The square is currently an under-used and predominantly hard space, located immediately next to the Grade 1 listed Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints. The square has potential to create a much more welcoming arrival and viewing point for the town’s iconic church. To establish a warm welcome to both the church and the town centre, Rykneld Square has been re-imagined, to create a new green area, inspired by the gardens that once occupied this space.

Rykneld Square and Parish Church grounds

The image above shows:

1 - A redesigned Rykneld Square to reintroduce a garden area and present a befitting approach to the church and associated grounds without the current road 

2 - The connection to Burlington Street with new paving, tree planting and seating

3 - Improved approach to the Parish Church

4 - Improved lighting within the church grounds to improve safety and feature the building 

The new-look square aims to improve connectivity with the church and its grounds by encouraging pedestrians to move through the square to the main church entrance. The square presents a unique opportunity in the town centre to create a new garden space where tree planting will create dappled shade, hedging will create enclosure and ground cover planting will deliver a range of colours and scents. All elements come together to create an attractive, restful and welcoming space for visitors to enjoy.

The church grounds themselves will have a much-improved connection with the square. It is envisaged that the church environment will be improved though the introduction of a renewed lighting scheme, tree works, and planting. Footpath routes around the church, particularly onto St Mary’s Gate, will be repaired to improve both the route and access.

Please note that these designs are early-stage concepts that will need further work to fully resolve transport and highways aspects prior to implementation being possible.

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Last updated on 30 June 2022