Exemptions for occupied properties

Some properties will be exempt from paying Council Tax even though they are occupied - which means there will be no Council Tax to pay.

This is usually because all of the residents are disregarded when we work out how many adults are counted as living in the property.

A full exemption will apply where the property:

  • is only occupied by people under 18 years of age
  • is a student hall of residence, or is a property that is only occupied by students
  • is only occupied by people that are classed as severely mentally impaired
  • is occupied by a diplomat
  • is occupied by members of visiting forces

Annexes for elderly or disabled relatives

If your home has an annexe (such as a 'granny flat') that would be difficult to let separately, there will be no Council Tax to pay when it is occupied by your elderly or disabled relatives. You should let us know if someone that is not an elderly or disabled relative moves into the annexe. 

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Last updated on 23/11/2023