People that are not counted for Council Tax

Some people are not counted when we work out how many adults are living in your home.

After we have disregarded those people, if there are less than two other adults counted as living in the property, we may be able to reduce your Council Tax bill

People that we may disregard for Council Tax:

  • anyone under 18 years of age
  • 18 and 19 year olds who are at school, or have just left school
  • full-time students, student nurses, some apprentices and youth trainees 
  • people who have a severe mental impairment
  • some live-in carers and care workers 
  • people living in residential or nursing homes, or hospital 
  • people in prison (unless they are in prison for not paying Council Tax or a fine) or people that are detailed under the Mental Health Act
  • people staying in homeless hostels or night shelters
  • foreign language assistants registered with the British Council
  • members of visiting forces and certain international institutions
  • members of religious communities (monks and nuns)

The rules are quite detailed, so contact us if you need any advice.


Reductions when residents have been disregarded

If we disregard some of the people in your home your bill may be reduced:

  • all but one adult disregarded - 25% discount
  • all adults disregarded - 50% discount

In some cases you may qualify for a full exemption and you won't have to pay any Council Tax - find out more here.

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Last updated on 30 December 2021