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Single person discount

Single person discount

You’ll get 25% off your bill if you are the only adult living in your home.

A full council tax bill assumes that there are at least 2 adults living in a property (as their main home). An adult is someone that is over 18 years of age.*

You can claim a single person discount online here.

We may contact you for more information before awarding the 25% discount, such as if someone has recently moved out.

Tell us if something changes

You must tell us straight away if you are no longer the only adult living at your home. If you don't tell us within 21 days of your situation changing you could be liable to a £70 penalty.

We carry out regular checks to identify households where there are 2 or more adults recorded as living there, so tell us as soon as your circumstances change or if you have been given a single person discount by mistake. We may contact you and ask you from time to time to check that you are still the only adult living in your home.

* Adults that are not counted 

Some people are disregarded when working out the number of adults in a property. Find out more here.

Last updated on 18 March 2020