Change of name

Let us know if we need to change the name on your Council Tax account.

This could be because you have:

Please also let us know if we have made a mistake in the spelling of your name.

Tell us online

Let us know about a change of name and we will update your Council Tax account.

We can also let our housing and elections teams know - they will need to see proof of the change of name, such as a marriage, civil partnership or deed poll certificate.

You can upload a scanned copy or good clear photo of your proof at the end of the form (unless it is just correcting a spelling).

Report a change of name


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What we can do

We can only make the change if your name is already on the Council Tax bill. If you are not currently named on the bill please contact us - we will let you know if we can add your name to the Council Tax account just now.

If someone has moved in with you please let us know about their change of address.

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Last updated on 16/11/2023