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Friends groups

Friends groups

What is a friends group?

A friends group is a group of local residents and other interested parties who dedicate their time and knowledge to improve their local park or open space. Anyone can join a friends group; you don't need to live in the immediate area to be a member.

What do friends groups do?

Friends groups help the council by giving them a valuable insight into the needs and aspirations of the local community. They can help gain funding for restoration and conservation projects and can give opinions on proposed plans for the parks and open spaces.

Many friends groups run their own events and they often plan work parties to carry out environmental clean-ups and conservation work.

Where is my nearest friends group?

Please look on the left to see all the friends groups. This will give you details of how to join and what the group is all about.

Setting up your own friends group

You may wish to set up your own friends group. This could be because you would like to protect a natural area, increase public awareness of a park or open space, carry out environmental clean-ups or run events. If you would like to start a friends group, please contact us by phone or email using the details on this page.

Establishing a Park Friends Group (pdf 220 KB)

Last updated on 16 January 2018