Report a problem with food hygiene rating

Let us know if you are unhappy with the food hygiene rating we have given to your business.

You may have made improvements since the inspection was carried out, or you may feel that the rating we have awarded is wrong.

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Right to reply

You have a ‘right to reply’ in respect of the food hygiene rating given following an inspection.

This enables you to explain any actions you have taken to make the improvements that were shown in the inspection letter. You can also explain any reasons for the circumstances at the time of the inspection. The 'right to reply' is not for making complaints.

Your comments will be reviewed by the food safety officer and may be edited to remove offensive, defamatory, clearly inaccurate or irrelevant remarks. Your comments will then be published online and displayed together with your food hygiene rating. There will also be a statement to show that the accuracy of your comments has not been verified by local authority officers.

Submit your right to reply here.

Request a rescore

You have a right to request a rescore revisit for your food hygiene rating, this revisit provides you with an opportunity to obtain a new and potentially higher food rating. You can request a rescore revisit once you have made the required improvements from your previous inspection.

There is a charge of £211 which must be made before we carry out the visit ( this is in line with other local authorities)

You must provide full details of the improvements that have been made, along with any supporting evidence, when you request the rescore revisit.

If we consider that you have provided sufficient evidence that you have made the required improvements, we will make an unannounced visit within four weeks of your request.

This means that the score could go up, down or stay the same, depending on the compliance of your premises.

Request a rescore revisit here.

Appeal against your rating

Let us know if you feel that your food hygiene rating doesn't reflect the hygiene standards and management controls that were in place when we inspected your business.

Contact our food safety team on 01246 345345 to discuss your inspection and food hygiene rating, before appealing against your score.

You have 21 days (including weekends and bank holidays) from the date of receipt of the notification letter, to submit your appeal.

Your rating will be reviewed and the outcome of your appeal notified to you within 21 days. No food hygiene rating will be displayed until the appeal outcome has been decided.

Report a problem with your food hygiene rating

If you are a food business operator, you can request your right to reply, or request a rescore online. You can also submit an appeal online but please contact our food safety team to discuss your inspection and food hygiene rating before appealing against your score.

You need to complete a separate form for each type of action you would like to take.

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Last updated on 27 April 2023