Winter weather

Keeping the borough safe and open for business

Derbyshire County Council, as the Highway Authority, and the Derbyshire District Councils have established agreed working arrangements to maximise preparations in dealing with future incidents of snow during the winter period.


Chesterfield Borough Council has invested over £70,000 (which includes a contribution of £12,000 from Derbyshire County Council) in equipping its mechanical equipment fleet, including tractors and sweepers to assist the Derbyshire County Council, as Highway Authority, in clearing key pedestrian routes within Chesterfield town centre and some of the neighbourhood shopping centres, to help residents access key services and keep the borough safe and open for business.

Pedestrian routes

Key pedestrian routes will be a priority for snow clearance during the initial 24-to-72-hour period following a significant snowfall.

Town centre

  • Rose Hill, Knifesmithgate, Stephenson Place and Cavendish Street and the associated key transport hubs
  • Saltergate, Holywell Street and Corporation Street, linking with the railway station
  • Key pedestrian routes serving the Market Place and New Square, including Burlington Street and Low Pavement
  • New Beetwell Street and the Coach Station Transport hubs

Neighbourhood shopping centres

  • Staveley Town Centre
  • Brimington
  • Sheffield Road
  • Hasland

While every effort will be made to clear a walkable route for pedestrians at these locations, this will be limited to a narrow path generally on one side of the public highway to facilitate access. Progress will be dependent on the severity and duration of snowfall and the availability of resources.

Efforts will also be targeted at a number of strategic off-street car parks to keep facilities open.

Derbyshire County Council, as highway authority is responsible for the public highway network which includes the carriageway and the adjoining footways. Derbyshire County Council, as highway authority will target its resources at maintaining access between settlements across Derbyshire in accordance with its published Winter Service Plan.  Priority is also being afforded to maintain bus access to the town centre.


Public highway

Enquiries regarding winter maintenance including precautionary gritting and snow clearance which relate to the public highway should be directed to Derbyshire County Council, as highway authority, via Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190 - 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am to 4pm Saturdays - email:

Call Derbyshire will deal with all enquiries regarding the public highway winter service to ensure a consistent and informed response to enquiries. Where Chesterfield Borough Council is assisting Derbyshire County Council to clear snow from the public highway the Chesterfield duty manager (Environmental Services) will regularly update the Derbyshire duty manager (Highways) to ensure that the response by Call Derbyshire is timely and accurate.

Vicar Lane Shopping Centre

Enquiries regarding winter maintenance including precautionary gritting and snow clearance should be directed to the Shopping Centre on 01246 234630.

Chesterfield Borough Council

To ensure a consistent and informed response,  Customer Services will deal with enquiries regarding winter maintenance which include precautionary gritting and snow clearance specific to:

• Pedestrian areas within the town centre
• Off-street car parks
• Council markets.

Contact us for more information.

Snow wardens

Whilst the county and borough councils will work hard to minimise any disruption caused by heavy snow, it is recognised that with limited resources it will not be possible to do everything, and thus the councils want to help communities to help themselves. With this in mind, a pilot snow warden scheme was launched in October 2011, encouraging people who are willing and able to step forward to work as community snow wardens in their local area. Snow wardens will provide an invaluable voluntary service helping to clear pavements.

Find out more about the Snow wardens scheme.

Last updated on 01/12/2023