We can carry out adaptations to your home to make it easier for you to live there. 

Tenants can request minor adaptations by contacting us on 01246 345700. Minor adaptations include additions such as grab rails and stair rails. 

Requests for major adaptations, such as stairlifts, ramps and level access showers require an assessment from an occupational therapist. 

Please contact the team on 01246 345700 as they will be able to assist with a referral to the occupational therapy team.  

See how the application process works here.

Who will consider my request for an adaptation? 

The housing and health team will consider all requests for minor adaptations. 

Occupational therapists will look at all potential options including 'equipment based solutions' before considering other options such as major adaptations. Occupational therapist recommendations are referred to the Derbyshire adaptations panel who will consider each case on an individual basis. 

In some instances, the panel may recommend rehousing to alternate housing within our stock, this might apply in cases of under occupancy or cases where it is considered a tenant's property is not suitable for their long term needs. 

When will my adaptation be carried out? 

Minor adaptations are carried out as soon as practicable. Sometimes a backlog of work and other commitments can impact on installation being carried out quickly. We appreciate the positive impact even minor adaptations can have on tenants and will install as soon as possible. 

Similarly, backlogs can be experienced with the occupational therapists at Derbyshire County Council.  Assessments are carried out as soon as possible and are dependent on backlogs and staffing. 

All adaptations are carried out to a high standard. Tenants will be given the opportunity to comment on the service they have received.   

How to contact us 

Contact the housing and health team on 01246 345700. 

Last updated on 29/05/2024