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Bereavement services

Bereavement services

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19):

    Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, our bereavement services have implemented measures to protect our staff and users of our services.

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Chesterfield Borough Council provides cemetery services for the population of Chesterfield and manages the Chesterfield and District Crematorium at Chesterfield Road, Brimington, in partnership with Bolsover and North East Derbyshire District Councils, serving the whole of north eastern Derbyshire.

These pages have been produced to assist you in your quieter moments. The site will advise you on all of our services, including cemetery management, our maintenance standards, plus a host of other informative features for you to consider.

Service objectives

We aim to provide a caring, dignified and professional burial and cremation service, which, in accordance with statutory regulations and best practice guidelines, seeks to:

  • fulfil stakeholder expectations – in terms of the quality and range of service provision, maintaining the choice between burial and cremation, whilst remaining conscious of the need for sensitivity at all times
  • promote sustainability in service delivery – by minimising the impact of bereavement upon the environment and maximising the opportunity to promote biodiversity
  • promote social inclusion – by positively tackling aspects of service delivery that discriminate against particular groups (for example, those on low incomes)
  • promote customer service – by ensuring that the service is an integral part of a seamless response to bereavement in Chesterfield and North Derbyshire  
  • promote effectiveness – using resources in an efficient and cost-effective manner, matching the performance levels of the best bereavement service providers, over a period of five years

We provide:

  • four cemeteries at Boythorpe, Staveley, Spital and Brimington
  • a cemetery memorial safety programme – a four-year reinstatement programme of work for memorials found to be unsafe
  • a crematorium
  • resources to maintain closed churchyards
  • a burial and cremation records information service

We have gained recognition for the quality of the cremation service we provide through the Charter for the Bereaved.

Contact us

You can make a comment, complaint or compliment by contacting us:

Bereavement Services Manager - 01246 345 888

Bereavement Services Officer (Crematorium) - 01246 345 885

Bereavement Services Officer (Cemeteries) - 01246 345 112

Our offices

The Chesterfield & District Crematorium
Chesterfield Road
S43 1AU

Tel: (01246) 345 888

Office hours

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm

For more information, please visit us or telephone 01246 345 888.

How to find us

Please click the link below to download a location map.

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Last updated on 24 March 2020