Chesterfield Careline

Chesterfield Careline

Chesterfield Careline is our independently accredited 24/7 pendant alarm monitoring and falls response service that helps you to live independently in your own home.

Tunstall alarm unitAt the touch of a button you can speak to our trained operatives whenever you need help - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The service also includes an emergency and falls response service. This means if you have a fall at home – any time of day or night – our team will come to your home to help you.

Chesterfield Careline provides peace of mind to you, your family and your loved ones so that no matter what, someone will be there to help. 


Who is Chesterfield Careline for?

Chesterfield Careline is a paid-for service that is available to anyone over the age of 18, whether they live in their own home or are a tenant. It is especially useful for people who:

  • live alone
  • are at higher risk of falling
  • have mobility or other health issues
  • do not have family close by
  • have just returned home from hospital


How does Chesterfield Careline work?

A small digital alarm unit is installed in your home - don't worry, it won't affect your existing telephone line or internet broadband router.

You will also be  given a splash resistant pendant that you can either wear around your neck or around your wrist - the pendant has a range of up to 50 metres so can be worn around the home and garden.

You can carry on as normal, safe in the knowledge that should anything go wrong, you can contact Chesterfield Careline by pushing the button on your pendant.

One of our Chesterfield Careline responders will arrange to visit you to install the alarm unit and give you your pendant. They will test the system while they are with you and show you how everything works.

You can also purchase additional equipment to enhance your service. There would be a one-off fee to purchase the additional equipment. Details on the prices can be found in the section below.


How much does the service cost?

The service is available from £14.50* a week.

There will also be a £75 one-off equipment installation fee when you register, this covers the cost of us visiting your home to install your alarm unit and provide you with your initial pendant

Additional equipment can also be purchased at a one-off fee:

Additional pendant - £40

Smoke alarm - £65
Issues an automatic alert if smoke is detected, we will check on you and call the emergency services if required.

Fall detector - £70
If you fall this detector will automatically alert us without the need for you to push the button.

GPS location service - £200
Helpful if you wish to still remain in contact with our team away from your home.  Please note that whilst this device will enable us to speak with you, we may not always be able to attend to you in person, for example if you have travelled out of the local area.

*It is possible that you may also have to pay VAT for this service. We expect most of our customers to be exempt from this tax, but you will need to complete a VAT exemption form when registering so we can apply the VAT exemption if needed.


How to use the pendant alarm

Activating your alarm and getting help is very easy:

  • press the button on your pendant
  • your alarm unit connects to the Chesterfield Careline call centre
  • a Chesterfield Careline operator will speak with you through the powerful speaker and microphone on the unit
  • we provide you with the assistance you need

If you are unable to speak to the Chesterfield Careline operator we will send a response officer to your home to help you.

The Chesterfield Careline operator can:

  • send a Chesterfield Careline response officer to your home and give you the assistance you need
  • call your emergency contacts, such as a relative or friend
  • ask for medical assistance
  • contact the emergency services


Emergency and falls response service

If your call is  because of a fall or other emergency, one of our trained response team will attend quickly.

If you have fallen, the response officer will decide what to do - if they can move you safely, they will lift you using specialist equipment and help you to get comfortable. All our response officers have been trained to use specially designed lifting equipment (see the video below for details).

If necessary, the response officer will get in touch with your emergency contacts and medical professionals, or if more urgent care is needed, they will contact the emergency services.

This service is available throughout Chesterfield and surrounding areas.


Upgrading existing equipment

If you are a current Chesterfield Careline customer and still have an analogue phone line, we will need to upgrade your equipment. This is part of the ‘digital switch’ where all telecommunications providers are replacing analogue telephone lines with digital lines.

In readiness for this ‘digital switch’ we will need to change the analogue monitoring equipment and replace it with more modern digital equipment. We will be in touch with you soon to arrange a suitable time for the installation to take place.

There will be no cost to replace your equipment.

If you have already had your monitoring base unit replaced recently, we will not need to make any further changes. 


Find out more

See our frequently asked questions about Chesterfield Careline for information about the services we provide or see what our customers say about our service.

You an apply for Chesterfield Careline online or contact us for advice.

TEC Quality logo

Our Chesterfield Careline and response service has been independently accredited by TEC Quality.

This means that the service we provide you meets their standards for safety, care, ethics and quality. Find out more here.

Last updated on 17/07/2024