Temporary road closures

If you are thinking of closing a road for an organised event, such as a street party or parade, you need to apply for permission.

We can deal with your application for a temporary road closure if:

  • you are holding a social event, such as a street party, gala or parade
  • the closure will last for no longer than one day

If you need a temporary road closure for a different reason, or for a longer period of time, you need permission from Derbyshire County Council. Find out more on their temporary road closure page

Before you apply for a temporary road closure

There's a lot to do before you send in your application for a temporary road closure, so you need to prepare well in advance of the day (and you must apply at least ten weeks in advance).


Before applying for a temporary road closure you should consult with the residents and businesses on the road to be closed to make sure they support the temporary road closure. You also need to consult the emergency services, Derbyshire County Council, bus companies, schools, local councillors and parish councils (where applicable).

Please note: Derbyshire Police do not support the marshalling of road closures for parades therefore you will need to arrange your own marshals, the police may be able to provide support at a cost.

It's a good idea to consult them in writing, in case you need to refer to your consultation at a later date. There's an example consultation letter below.

If you receive any comments, please take these into consideration when organising your event. If you receive any objections, please discuss these with the person who has objected and try to resolve them. If you have haven't been able to resolve an objection, you can send all of the correspondence to us with your application form as there may be further opportunities to try resolve any outstanding concerns. However, if a compromise can't be made, this may stop your closure from going ahead.

You must send copies of your letters and received comments, objections and any further correspondence with your application form.


You must carry out coordination checks using the One Network website to make sure that the proposed road closure will not affect, or be affected by, other works or events in the area. If there are other events taking place in the local area, you should contact other promoters to coordinate effectively.


You should propose a diversion to be used, which must be agreed with Derbyshire County Council highways department. You should take into consideration all road users, including heavy good vehicles and buses.

You will need to submit a plan with your application form showing the road to be closed along with the proposed diversion. These must be shown in two different colours – below is an example of the type of plan required, with red being the closed road and green being the diversion.

You should identify on the plan any restrictions or obstacles on the diversion – eg, low bridges.


You will be liable for any actions, claims, losses and expenses in respect of loss of life or personal injury or damage to property attributable to the road closure or the activity. You are therefore responsible for taking out appropriate insurance to cover these risks and you must supply a copy of your insurance certificate with your application form.

How to apply

Application form

Please download an application form using the link below.

You must send your application to us (along with all the additional paperwork) at least ten weeks before the closure is to take place. This allows time for us to carry out our internal consultation and process your application.

Incomplete forms won't be processed, so please be sure you have provided all the information require. If you need any help, let us know.

To avoid disappointment, please hand deliver or send your application by recorded delivery; lost or late applications will not be processed.

If you know you are going to hold an event during the year, please apply as early as possible – you do not need to wait until near the time. Applying early gives us time to sort out any problems that might come up.

What to include

Please make sure you provide all of the information requested on the form. You must also send us:

  • a street plan of your event
  • a copy of your consultation letters (and any replies received)
  • a copy of your insurance certificate
  • a cheque for your application fee (made payable to Chesterfield Borough Council)

Don't forget to sign and date the application form.

Please send your application to:

Scrutiny and democratic services
Chesterfield Borough Council
Town Hall, Rose Hill
S40 1LP


The standard cost of applying for a temporary road closure is £150, in exceptional circumstances we may reduce this fee. 

If your closure affects a main link road, a public notice may need to be published in the Derbyshire Times. The costs (approximately £350 depending on the size of the notice) will be recharged to you, and further consultations may need to be carried out. 

If you need any further information please contact us on 01246 345236 before sending in your application.

Processing your application

When we receive your application, we will record it and let you know that we have received it.

If any objections have been received from your consultation these will be discussed and hopefully resolved.

If objections can't be satisfactorily resolved, depending on the nature of the objection, the closure may not be able to take place. It's advisable to take all possible steps to resolve any concerns before sending us your application.

If all objections have been resolved, we will inform you that we are able to make the legal order and we will tell you about any conditions that are required (if applicable).

Before and during the temporary road closure

We will send you notices that are to be put up on site ten days before the closure taking place; these notices must be maintained on site throughout this period and on the day of the closure.

You also need to display traffic signs produced by Derbyshire County Council's highways department (call 01629 533190) and must comply with Department for Transport regulations; these must be put in place as agreed with the county council.

Please note: a road closure is only in force while both the closure notices and the appropriate traffic signs are in place.

Before re-opening the road, you must ensure that the road is reinstated into the condition it was in before the closure took place; all rubbish must be removed from the site, remembering to recycle where possible.

Following re-opening the road, you must return a certified notice which confirms that you have complied with the requirements. You also need to take down the notices and traffic signs displayed before and during the event.

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
Temporary Road Closure Application Form PDF (PDF 156 KB)
Road Closure Example Letter PDF (PDF 37 KB)
Road Closure Sample Plan PDF (PDF 172 KB)
Road Closure Useful Contacts PDF (PDF 51 KB)
Steps For Road Closures PDF (PDF 39 KB)
Small Street Party Application Form PDF (PDF 142 KB)

Other things to think about

Music, refreshments, alcohol, raffles, stalls

If you want to sell alcohol, provide entertainment or sell late night refreshments on unlicensed premises, you need a temporary event notice. You may also need permission if you want to hold a raffle etc. Find out more here.

If your event includes stalls selling items or a car boot sale, you need to check if planning consent is required. Contact our planning team on 01246 345786.

Please note: if sales are taking place on a public highway you will need permission from Derbyshire County Council – please contact 01629 533190 for more details.

Health and safety

Remember, at all times the public’s health and safety must be considered and a risk assessment may need to be carried out.

Please contact our environmental health team on 01246 345749 or 01246 345756 to discuss health and safety precautions for your event. 


If your event involves food and drink you will need to register with us - find out more here. The Food Standards Agency has advice regarding this, see www.food.gov.uk or contact our food safety team for advice about preparing and serving food safely. 


Our noise pages give lots of useful information about how you might inadvertently cause a nuisance to neighbouring homes during your event, such as from loud music, fireworks etc. 

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Last updated on 09/11/2023