Disabled persons housing needs study

Disabled persons housing needs study

This study examines the housing needs of people with physical disabilities in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. There is an overall report for the 15 local authorities involved and a specific report for Chesterfield. The aims of the study were:

  • to better understand how to meet the housing needs of people with physical disabilities, in order that they can be provided with housing appropriate to meet their needs
  • to better understand the means by which appropriate housing for disabled people can be delivered across all housing tenures and how value for money can be ensured
  • to obtain a robust evidence base for the development of housing for disabled people that can be used to inform future policies, strategies and negotiation with developers

The research focuses on the physical structure and facilities of a home rather than care and support issues. 

The report sets out the housing needs of people with disabilities, how these needs are currently being met in Chesterfield, the results of the survey of disabled residents, demographic and housing need data and forecasts of future need.

The full Chesterfield study can be downloaded below.

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Disabled People's Housing Needs Study PDF (PDF 846 KB)

Last updated on 24 March 2023