Chains of office

Chains of office

The mayor's chain

The chain dates back to 1874, when it was given by Alderman Thomas Philpott Wood, who was mayor at the time.

At the front is a rose pendant donated by Violet Rose Markham in 1928 at the end of her year as the first female mayor of Chesterfield.

The double-sided guinea piece was added by Councillor Charles Paxton Markham to commemorate both his mayoralty and Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1887. It is a double-sided coin that shows Queen Victoria as a young girl and as she was in later life. 

The pendant at the front was also gifted to the borough by Alderman Thomas Philpot Wood.

The pendant at the back shows the Devonshire Coat of Arms, which was donated in 1913 by the Duke of Devonshire to commemorate being mayor of Chesterfield in 1911/12.

You can find out more about the chain of office if you visit the mayor’s parlour.

Last updated on 01/12/2023