Inviting the mayor

Inviting the mayor

The mayor’s secretary is responsible for managing the mayor’s engagements and providing secretarial support.

Complete the form below to invite the mayor to your event.

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Invite the mayor to your event PDF (PDF 106 KB)

If you are inviting the mayor to an event, letters should include the following information:

  • date of the event
  • time
  • venue
  • who is being invited (eg, the mayor and mayoress together, or mayor only or mayoress only)
  • dress code
  • who will act as host to the mayor
  • if you require the mayor to wear his chain of office
  • if the mayor is required to make any speeches or present awards
  • refreshments or meals being provided
  • parking available for a civic vehicle
  • any other useful information

When you invite the mayor to an event, he should have a role to perform and there should be a purpose for his visit, such as presenting prizes or opening an event.


Sending the invite

All invitations should be directed in the first instance to the mayor’s office.



The mayor, as first citizen, should be accorded due precedence and respect within the borough.

  • a responsible person should meet the mayor on arrival at the entrance
  • address the mayor as Mr Mayor/Madam Mayor and introduce them to the host or the assembled company
  • the formal announcement of the mayor is “His/Her Worship the Mayor of Chesterfield, Councillor (surname)”
  • when the mayor enters on more formal occasions, those present should rise and this should be repeated when they leave

Unless the mayor occupies the chair of the event, they should be seated on the immediate right of the person presiding and the mayoress on the right of the mayor, this is assuming royalty, the Lord Lieutenant or High Sheriff are not present.

Although the mayor and mayoress are willing to be involved in any event, you should be aware of the dignity of office and not request the mayor and mayoress to carry out anything that would bring embarrassment to either party.


Speaking at an engagement

The mayor is unable to give a speech unless specifically requested, in advance, through the mayor’s office. If the mayor is to speak, their toast or reply should appear early on the toast list and any background information should be given in advance to the mayor's office.

The mayor will normally be accompanied by the mayoress and a chauffeur and/or attendant. If there are any changes to the engagement that occur on the day of the event, the mayor and mayoress should be informed immediately.

Last updated on 18/10/2023