Frequently asked questions about the mayor

Frequently asked questions about the mayor

Frequently asked questions about the mayor, the mayoress, and mayoral duties.

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In the first instance you should contact the mayor’s office - see inviting the mayor for further details.

You address the mayor as "Mr Mayor" or, if the mayor is female "Madam Mayor".

The mayor should be announced as "His (or Her) Worship, the Mayor of Chesterfield, Councillor (last name)"First names should not be used.

You address the mayoress as "Madam Mayoress". First names should not be used.

Whether it is a female or male mayor, you address them as either "Mr Mayor" or "Madam Mayor" and their husband/wife/partner is addressed as: "Madam Mayoress", or, "Mr Consort".

No, they do not live at the Town Hall. The Town Hall is a working office for many service areas provided by the borough. 

No, you do not have to pay for the mayor and mayoress/consort to attend your event. However, it should be remembered that any event should have relevance to the borough and that the mayor and mayoress/consort have a role to play at the event (ie, present awards, open an event).

The mayor’s diary is very busy and requests for events are received daily. You should invite the mayor and their  mayoress or consort to your event as early as possible.

Initial enquiries can be made by telephone to check availability by contacting the mayor’s office on 01246 345239.

Last updated on 18/10/2023