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Yangquan, China

Yangquan, China

The third of Chesterfield's twinning links was established in 1987, with the city of Yangquan in Shanxi Province, China.

Shanxi has a long-established twinning relationship with Derbyshire. At the time the link was formed, both Chesterfield and Yangquan were coal-mining centres.

It was hoped that economic links would result from the Yangquan twinning link. The Chambers of Commerce in both towns communicate with each other, and civic/commercial delegations have been exchanged on several occasions. Exhibitions about the economic possibilities of both towns have been exchanged.

Further information (in Chinese) is available from the following website:

There have also been some educational and cultural activities. Students from both towns have spent a year in their twin town, learning the language and giving talks about their home towns.

Cultural delegations have been exchanged, with Chesterfield people doing Morris-dancing in and around Yangquan in 1997, and a cultural group from Yangquan putting on performances in and around Chesterfield in 1998.

Last updated on 23 January 2016