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How Universal Credit affects Housing Benefit

How Universal Credit affects Housing Benefit

Universal Credit is a benefit for working age people and includes help towards housing costs. 

Pension age people are not affected by Universal Credit and there are no changes to Housing Benefit if you are of pension age.

From 29 November 2017, for residents living in many postcodes in Chesterfield, we won’t be able to accept new claims for Housing Benefit if you are of working age* - you will have to claim Universal Credit instead.   

If you receive Housing Benefit on 28 November, we will continue to pay your Housing Benefit until your circumstances mean you are no longer entitled to Housing Benefit, or until we are asked to end your Housing Benefit claim because you have claimed, or need to claim, Universal Credit.

You must still make your claim for Council Tax Support to us because this is not included in Universal Credit.

* There are a few exceptions for example if you live in supported accommodation or you have been told you cannot claim Universal Credit because you have three or more children.

Find out here if you should claim Universal Credit rather than Housing Benefit on and after 29 November 2017.

Last updated on 24 October 2017