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Bins and recycling

  • Green and blue wheeled bins are both emptied on the same day every two weeks.

    Black (or grey) wheeled bins are collected every two weeks opposite to the green/blue bins.

    You can see the dates of your bin collections by using the search above.

    See below for details of collection of clinical waste and sharps (needles etc).

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Bin collection dates

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Chesterfield Borough Council provides waste collection and recycling services to all households in the Borough approximately 48,000. In line with National and European targets we aim to recycle or compost as much waste as possible.

To help achieve this, a variety of collection systems are provided. These allow residents to sort and present waste in a number of different ways . Most houses have three wheeled bins, a green one for compostable waste, a blue one for recyclable materials and a black/grey bin for residual waste.

Residents in the borough are expected to present their wheeled bin for collection at the edge of the property nearest the road and take it back after emptying. However, the council accepts that sometimes there is no one at the property who can do this and help is required.

Residents who want help should apply through the contact centre – ring 01246 345 734/345 543 or go through the website. Assistance will normally be given where a person is disabled or infirm and there is no one else able to present the bin.

Consideration will be given to the request covering some or all of the following.

  • The physical characteristics of premises: In some situations advice on alternative storage points for the bin may resolve perceived difficulties.
  • The illness or disability: Information may be requested to support the application (eg, confirmation from a recognised disabled people's organisation or a medical note).
  • Others living in the house: If there is anyone aged 15 or over living at the property who can present the bin for emptying.
  • The age of the applicant: This may be a factor taken into consideration but is not sufficient in itself to warrant inclusion on the exemption list.

Most applications can be processed without the need for a visit. However, in some cases an officer may visit to provide further information about the service, assist with the application form, and/or agree a suitable storage point for the bin.

Temporary assistance may be granted in appropriate circumstances (eg, long-term illnesses, injuries or pregnancy).

Residents with assisted collections will occasionally be asked to check that the information held still applies.

Failure to grant assistance does not prevent someone re-applying at a later date.

The council provides a service for the safe collection and disposal of certain types of clinical waste produced by residents in the home and in residential care homes. We will collect, on request, the following items:

  • incontinence pads
  • stoma bags
  • dressings
  • dialysis waste

However, these can only be collected when a community healthcare worker, such as a district nurse, has assessed the type of clinical waste being produced and notified the council by means of a standard form. In most cases a further assessment will be made by the council to decide if a separate collection is required, or if the person can manage the waste within their existing refuse collection arrangements.

Hypodermic needles (sharps) should normally be returned, in an approved sharps box, to the place they were prescribed. Where this is not possible, the council will collect.

There is a charge for collections from residential care homes, but collections from domestic properties are free of charge.

Healthcare professionals should refer to the Derbyshire County and Derby City NHS Primary Care Trust – Operational Procedure for the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste in the Community Setting guidance document.

You need to present your bin

  • at the edge of your property or a previously agreed point
  • out by 7am on the day of collection
  • with the lid fully closed
  • black bin with no side waste (this will not be taken)
  • blue bin – extra recycling that will not fit in your blue bin will be taken if neatly placed at the side of your blue bin

 What if I forget to put my bin out?

If your bin is not out it will not be collected. You will normally have to wait until the next due collection. In exceptional circumstances we may return as a one-off.

 Why does my lid have to be closed?

Your bin lid has to be closed for the safety of the collectors. It also helps keep flies and other creatures out of the bin. For more advice on how to manage your waste, please read our advice leaflet.

Why can't I present side waste?

If you recycle everything you can using the recycling collections available, you should not create side waste on a regular basis. There is however an exception to this rule. Although we will not take extra bags on green and black collections, the crews will remove all material for recycling even if it is not contained in the wheeled bin. Cardboard should be folded and placed at the side of the bin. If residents have more material for recycling than will fit in the caddy or bin, then carrier bags of material placed at the side of the blue bin on collection day will be removed. Please keep glass separate. If you have extra bags of black or green waste you can take them to a household waste recycling centre. There are two in the area: one on Sheffield Road, Stonegravels, and one on Buttermilk Lane, Bolsover. 

Last updated on 21 April 2017