Bin collections

Bin collections

Find out which bin to put out and when

Remember to put your bin out by 7am on collection day. Find out how to put your bin out here

Bin collection dates

Please enter the first few letters of the street that you want bin collection information for, then click on the 'submit' button.
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If your street still doesn't come up, you might live in one of our neighbouring council's areas. You can find bin collection dates on the Bolsover District Council or North East Derbyshire District Council websites. You can find out which council area you live in using the Ordnance Survey interactive map, you just need your postcode.

If you live in Chesterfield but your street doesn't show in our search, please report the problem here. Tell us your street name so we can fix the problem, we'll also let you know when your bin will be emptied.

Sometimes we won't be able to empty your bin at the usual time or on the usual day.

This can be for different reasons, such as bad weather, the bin lorry breaking down or an obstruction in the road. 

Roadworks carried out by utility companies (gas, electricity, water etc) can affect whole streets for several days, and we will share details when we know about them in advance. 

As soon as we know about a problem we will post details here on this page. We'll also let our customer service centre know and put out messages on social media.

If there are no details below then we're not aware of any issues at the moment.

Have we missed your street?

Sometimes we don't find out about a problem straight away, if your street has been affected but details are not posted on this page please let us know.

Last updated on 19 February 2020