Asset management strategy

Asset management strategy

We are committed to ensuring that our land and property assets work to the benefit of the borough, as well as enabling the council to deliver its services as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The council has over 60 operational buildings, covering administrative buildings and depot facilities, as well as those providing services directly for the benefit of the public.

There are over 720 individual commercial rental opportunities, set across factories and workshops, office accommodation, retail and leisure, and agricultural land.

Across the parks, open spaces, play and sports areas there are over 200 distinct assets, including 28 allotments.

This asset management strategy will set the framework for how we manage our property portfolio effectively over the next four years.

It will guide our strategic property decisions to ensure we manage our property portfolio efficiently and sustainably so it will remain fit for the future and support the way future decisions are made concerning disposal, acquisition and the use of property assets to maximise overall benefits across the borough.

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Asset Management Strategy 2023 to 2027 PDF (PDF 270 KB)


Last updated on 14/12/2023