Tell us if someone has died

We need know when someone has died, so that we can update the Council Tax details for the property they lived in.

Contact us on 01246 345345 and let us know:

  • the person's details including their address and the date they died
  • details of anyone that still live in the property
  • details of who is dealing with the person's estate
  • contact details of the property owner or agent, if the person that died did not own their home

If the person was claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support we will let our benefits team know, and we will tell our housing team if the person rented their home from us. We can also tell our elections team if you ask us to.

What happens about Council Tax when someone dies?

Occupied properties

If there is someone still living in the property they will usually be responsible for paying the Council Tax bill. If they live alone they may be entitled to a single person discount or other reduction.

Unoccupied properties

If the property is empty, a discount or exemption may be available, depending on who owns it:

If the person that died was the only owner or tenant of the property - there will be nothing to pay from the date they died, and then for up to six months after probate has been granted (or letters of administration have been made)*. The exemption will stop before the end of the six month period if the property is sold, ownership is transferred, the tenancy ends, or someone moves in.

*If the property is still part of the estate after the six month period and a charge becomes due, the executors or administrators must start to pay Council Tax for the property using money from the person's estate. If there are not sufficient funds in the estate please contact us.

If the property is owned, or jointly owned, by someone else - they will be charged the full Council Tax if the property is still furnished.

If it is unoccupied and substantially unfurnished there is nothing to pay for the first three months (the period can't exceed three months even if there is a change in ownership). After three months the full Council Tax charge is due.

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Last updated on 02 April 2021