Monitoring air pollution in Chesterfield

Monitoring air pollution in Chesterfield

The air pollution monitoring network in Chesterfield consists of two air quality stations and 38 passive diffusion tubes. 

Monitoring stations

The air quality stations provide continuous monitoring of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10), and provide high-quality data used in all air quality reporting. Benzene monitoring has recently started sampling at the roadside air quality station. The passive diffusion tubes provide information on the levels of NO2 at a variety of locations. There are two semi-permanent air quality stations in the borough. One is located on Chatsworth Road and is a roadside air quality station. The other is located at Loundsley Green and is a background air quality station.

Diffusion tubes

Passive diffusion tubes are used to measure NO2 at a variety of locations across Chesterfield. They are small tubes, open at one end, that absorb NO2 present in the air. They are mounted into position for a period of one month, after which they are collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis. A replacement tube is then put in its place to sample for another one-month period. These NO2 diffusion tubes are particularly useful, as their small size means they can be mounted in locations where it is not possible to position an air quality station. They are also easily moved and so make a useful tool for screening the air at a variety of locations, of which there are currently 38 sites.


Last updated on 10/01/2024