The council's role in air quality

The council's role in air quality

Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 and subsequent regulations required the government and devolved administrations for Scotland and Wales to produce a National Air Quality Strategy containing standards and objectives for improving ambient air quality.

The current Air Quality Strategy was published by the UK government and devolved administrations in July 2007. It established the framework for achieving further improvements in ambient air quality in the UK up to 2050. There health-based standards for eight important air pollutants and air quality objectives to be achieved in the short-to-medium term in places where people are regularly present and might be exposed to air pollution. This strategy identifies actions at local, national and international level to improve air quality. Further information and the complete air quality strategy can be found on the DEFRA website.

Chesterfield Borough Council's role

Chesterfield Borough Council has a role to play in regulating emissions to air from a range of pollution sources, enforcing the Clean Air Acts, influencing land use planning and supporting Derbyshire County Council in developing the Local Transport Plan. Chesterfield Borough Council also has a key role implementing Local Air Quality Management.

The government's role

  • To provide a clear and simple policy framework
  • To set realistic but challenging objectives
  • To provide regulation and financial incentives to help achieve the objectives
  • To provide an analysis of costs and benefits
  • To conduct monitoring and research to increase our understanding
  • To provide information to raise public awareness

The government has introduced mechanisms to control emissions from the significant sources of air pollution, in particular from the industry and transport sectors and from domestic premises.

Clean Air Strategy

The Clean Air Strategy sets out actions required across all parts of government and society to improve air quality.

The strategy sets out how we will:

  • protect the nation’s health
  • protect the environment
  • secure clean growth and innovation
  • reduce emissions from transport, homes, farming and industry
  • monitor our progress

Find out more about the Clean Air Strategy 2019.

Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG)

More information can be found in the DEFRA library via the Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG). The AQEG is an Expert Committee to DEFRA that provides independent scientific advice on air quality, in particular the air pollutants contained in the Air Quality Strategy (AQS) for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and those covered by the EU Directives on Ambient Air Quality. Specifically AQEG gives advice on levels, sources and characteristics of air pollutants in the UK. It does not advise on health impacts or air quality standards. 

Last updated on 22/11/2023