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Dog fouling

Dog fouling

The UK dog population is 6.5 million and produces up to 1,000 tonnes of faeces every day.

Responsible owners clean up after their dogs: it's not your dog's fault if he gets a call of nature while he's being taken for a walk. He can't clear up after himself, either.

As a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to clear up whenever your dog fouls on any open space in Chesterfield. Open space means:

  • any footpath, verge or road
  • parks
  • playing fields
  • other open spaces with public access

You should also remove dog mess from your garden, as it can attract rats and flies and cause a smell nuisance in the warmer months. We do get complaints about gardens and yards with dog mess and we may ask you to clear it up.

Bin it

There are approximately 1,200 litter bins and 450 dog waste bins at suitable and convenient locations across the borough for you to dispose of your dog’s poo.

If, however, you are in an area without a special bin, the dog poo should be taken home to be put, well wrapped, into the dustbin. You may wish to use:

  • an old carrier bag
  • nappy sacks
  • dog waste bags
  • a pooper-scooper

Litter bins in the street may be used for well-wrapped dog waste if desired, but you should always try and use the proper red bins as these have lids to reduce flies. Budgets are limited for new bins, but we may re-site a bin if its use will increase in a new location.

Dog waste bins

We've installed dog waste bins at many locations across the borough, such as in parks and open spaces that are popular with dog walkers.

If you spot a problem with a dog waste bin, such as an overflowing bin, or a bin that's damaged or missing, please report it here.

Dog Fouling Sign


Chesterfield Borough Council regularly has campaigns to raise awareness of dog fouling and provides free dog poo bags during campaigns.

Sick of dog poo outside your home? 

You can download a sign to put in your window or attach to your gate below.


Dog Fouling Sign PDF (PDF 83 KB)

Dog mess in your neighbour's garden

Dog mess shouldn't cause a problem if it is cleaned up regularly.

But, if your neighbour allows it to build up, it can cause a bad smell and attract flies. This could stop you enjoying your own home and garden, and could be a statutory nuisance.

Report dog fouling

To report dog fouling please contact us on 01246 345345 or report it online here.

Last updated on 01 July 2020