Street cleaning

Street cleaning

We clean our streets, pavements and public places to help keep Chesterfield tidy.

As well as regular maintenance, we clean up soiled areas and clear away litter, dead animals and rubbish.

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Street cleaning

We clean streets and pavements across the borough to clear away dirt and debris.

We prioritise the town centre and other busy areas, and clean other streets and pavements at planned times throughout the year. 

Derbyshire County Council deal with spilled oil, paint, or other hazardous liquids on the street. Report a road spillage.

Report a problem

Let us know if a street or other public place needs cleaning, or if you think we have missed cleaning your street.

You will need to tell us the location of the problem, or mark it on a map.

You can send us a photo of the problem, but don't take photos if you feel it isn't safe. 

Request street cleaning


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What we can do

We clean up public places such as streets, pavements, car parks and other open spaces.

If there is any broken glass, needles or syringes and we will prioritise cleaning the area.

What we can't do

Landowners are responsible for cleaning up private land.

Derbyshire County Council deal with cleaning the A61 and A617 dual carriageways. Report a problem to Derbyshire County Council.

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Last updated on 17/07/2024