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Snow warden scheme

Snow warden scheme

The Chesterfield snow warden scheme aims to encourage people in local communities to become volunteer snow wardens.

The scheme is part of the winter weather policy to tackle extreme winter weather such as that experienced in recent years.

The scheme currently has over 80 volunteers signed up to help clear footpaths in Chesterfield in the event of inclement weather.

When the snow comes, the wardens go into operation with the training and equipment they have been provided with, and make a real impact with respect to the areas of footpaths that are cleared.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer snow warden, please complete the questionnaire below or contact Sam Sherlock, Senior Emergency Planning Officer, on 01246 345 407, or email

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Useful documents

Snow Warden Information Sheet PDF (PDF 113 KB)
Snow Warden Questionnaire PDF (PDF 49 KB)
Snow Warden Training PDF (PDF 356 KB)
Snow Warden Useful Contacts PDF (PDF 137 KB)
Snow Warden Risk Assessment Word (Word 49 KB)
Snow Code PDF (PDF 74 KB)
Snow Warden Privacy Notice PDF (PDF 86 KB)

Last updated on 15 April 2020